Saturday, August 20, 2011

The "Final List" Draft 1, while waiting on Discovery and Masters

On Tuesday, the final slate of remaining film programming will be announced by TIFF and I will be on a cottage island. These two things are facts. Therefore, I will have to wait until next weekend to touch base with what has emerged. While I will be very happy to be where I am going, I will have not-a-small desire for random WIFI, especially when I realize that I am also missing out on having the Industry-Public combined screening schedule, frankly one of the greatest rewards of having this pass. It is invaluable for being able to plan when to avoid certain screening rooms because of likely crushing crowds, and when also to run to those same venues for that last possible screening of that film that was a top seed.

So I cannot possibly put together a final "list" because we are still waiting on Discovery and most of Masters. Assuming there will be some late-breaking heavy-hitters among them, I am going to list only 33 of what will eventually be (next weekend) the top 50 picks. (Yeah, I know - those Wavelengths and Short Cuts Canada entries look like five and four - meaning nine screenings, not 2!) The ranking is entirely subjective --- and is not a reflection of what I think will be the "best" films. They are just the most anticipated. And they are linked to the TIFF online page. I'm hoping that the full programme book descriptions will also land on these linked pages on Tuesday, as they have in years past. Don't let us down, TIFF!

Where Do We Go Now?
This is Not a Film
This Side of Resurrection
Cardboard Village
The Lady
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
A Simple Life (pictured)
Martha Marcy May Marlene
In My Mother's Arms
Last Days in Jerusalem
Monsieur Lazhare
Pink Ribbons Inc.
In Darkness
Last Call at the Oasis
Oslo, August 31
Woman in the Fifth
Albert Nobbs
Chicken with Plums
The Deep Blue Sea
Short Cuts Canada
2, 4, 5, 6
Romeo Eleven
A Separation
Story of Film
Wuthering Heights
Future Lasts Forever
Last Winter

More next week!

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