Saturday, September 04, 2010

TIFF 10: My List

I will certainly not be able to see all of these! But this is my "short" list. Check back often, as it will likely change a number of times before the 9th, and even afterwards.

*indicates Wavelengths short
##indicates Short Cuts Canada short
*# indicates City to City (Istanbul) short
(not all titles in a shorts program are listed here, just the ones I am mostly attending for)
This list also does not include the Future Projections installations.
However, it does include one Mavericks session.

Africa United (Gardner-Paterson)
- I know I said I wouldn't but I probably will
Another Year (Leigh)
Aubade (Dorsky) *
Biutiful (Inarritu)
Black Swan (Aronofsky)
The Call (Pasetto)
Champagne (Olson) ##
Cinematographie (Fleischmann) *
Compline (Dorsky)*
Confessions (Nakashima)
The Debt (Madden)
Dhobi Ghat (Rao)
Distant (Ceylan)
Eggcellent (Sokol) ##
The Four Times (Frammartino)
The First Grader (Chadwick)
Genpin (Kawase)
Green Crayons (Radwanski) ##
I Am Slave (Range)
Incendies (Villeneuve)
Life, Above All (Schmitz)
Love Crime (Corneau)
Mamma Gógó (Fridriksson)
Miral (Schnabel)
Neds (Mullan)
Never Let Me Go (Romanek)
Of Gods and Men (Beauvois)
On Thin Ice (Kaygun) *#
Ouverture (Becks) *
Pastourelle (Dorsky) *
Poetry (Lee)
Potiche (Ozon)
Route Irish (Loach)
Sandcastle (Junfeng)
Sarah's Key (Paquet-Brenner)
Sophie Lavoie (Émond) ##
- with great trepidation
Tamara Drewe (Frears)
Tears of Gaza (Lokkeberg)
Three (Tykwer)
Trigger (MacDonald)
The Trip (Winterbottom)
Uncle Boonmee.... (Weerasethakul)
Water Lilies (Marie) *
The Way (Estevez)
Woman Waiting (Bourges) ##
Zephyr (Bas)

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